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  about us  

SSPG was established in 2000 as a civic association with a focus on developing and supporting the talent of children and young people in the field of information technology, through the use of the latest software, as well as the processing of knowledge and information found on the Internet, mastering and creativity in various programming languages, webpage design and their graphics.

During school holidays, young people can take part in so-called "computer summer camps" or free-time "holiday group meetings". All the above-mentioned activities follow well pronounced current trends, which are projected into systematic courses for young people taught by professional lecturers.

The Slovak School of Computer Graphics was among the first to be accredited as a European Computer Driving License (ECDL) test centre. Having met the necessary criteria, the executive committee of the Slovak Informatics Society accredited SSPG, based on the accreditation audit on the 17th of February, 2004.

In cooperation with Ševt, Inc., SSPG members are actively involved in the organisation of "The best school grade book's cover graphical design" competition. They support Docutech activities, participate in the graphical design of promotional materials and brochures, right up to the printing phase. This way they gain useful professional skills.

Apart from youth activities, the school organises courses for companies, managers, teachers, and others interested in broadening their horizons by attending our courses. We are interested in supporting the development of quality individual and professional education, with an emphasis on the needs and expectations of individual people.

We are authorised to receive 2% from income tax payments.

SSPG's activities are carried out with the support of Ševt, Inc.

Projects implemented during 2004-2006, with financial support from the EU

  • Webpage design utilising computer graphics and e-learning
  • ECDL educational course utilising a mobile educational unit in the Kosice region
  • References
    Since its beginnings in 2000, SSPG has organised a variety of courses for individuals, as well as private company and state administration employees:
  • The Slovak Film Institute
  • "Praca" daily newspaper
  • TUP Slovak Post
  • The Pedagogical and Social Academy
  • Hoechst-Biotika, Ltd.
  • MP Chem, Ltd.
  • Dimano, Inc.
  • E-Vision Systems, Ltd.
  • ŠEVT, Inc.
  • Secondary school of the School Brothers
  • Humaneum, Ltd.
  • Messer, Ltd.
  • Kastini Slovakia, Ltd.
  • EUFC, Ltd.
  • Omnimedia, Ltd.
  • Hrman, Ltd.
  • Aloha, Ltd.
  • UKF Nitra
  • LifeTime, Ltd.
  • ÚPSVaR Bratislava, ÚPSVaR Košice
  • RRA Senec-Pezinok (Logo design as part
        of the project)
  • PôAgricultural Paying Agency
  • State Veterinary and Food Institute
  • Administration of State Material Reserves of the SR
  • Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic
  • The Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic
  • Slovak Information Service


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